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18th edition - 20th-24th June 2019

Architect Encounter 19

The Canova International Architect Encounter is organized by the Canova Association, with the purpose of giving architecture a fundamental role in the restoration and enhancement of our past heritage, something which the Association carries out daily in its work.

Canova Association is a small but passionate non-profit association, founded 18 years ago near the Swiss border in the Ossola Valley in the Piemonte Region of Italy.

Each year Canova invites architects to join the local group for four days, hosting them in the 16th century stone houses in the village of Canova which have been restored with over 20 years of work. It is a very informal and relaxing four days in stimulating company.

The architects will make visits to the abandoned medieval village of Ghesc, the current focal project of the Association, and other historic sites in the area. On Saturday, June 22, at 3.00 p.m., the participants present their work in a short presentation open to the public at the Monastery of Sacro Monte di Domodossola, a UNESCO site. 

The participation of architects coming from all over the world is a highly appreciated gesture of solidarity for the work of Canova.

"Sixty-four architects now make up the alumni of the Canova International Architect EncounterPresident Ken Marquardt says – Many of them support the work of Canova and each year several return to attend the Encounter. To name only a few: Andreas Fries, Herzog & de Meuron; Carol Wilson, Maine USA; Glenn Murcutt; Gustavo Aaroz; Bruce Fowle; Julian Smith; Salma Samar Damluji; Minakshi and Kulbhushan Jain; Greg Smallenberg; and Gwen and Gabriel Fagan. The Canova International Architect Encounter is our way of involving individuals who we recognise as meaningful “movers and shakers” in the world of architecture today. Their participation in this event is designed to be an invaluable contribution and an act of solidarity for Canova’s mission. The event is being recognised widely and it gives us great satisfaction to see the positive affect it is having on awakening locals to the value of our medieval rural stone architecture. We are not nostalgic in our approach, however, and are always seeking new ways to revitalise our heritage in a sensitive manner."

By their participation in the Encounter the illustrious guests contribute to countering the loss in the region and throughout Europe of what is arguably the most sustainable architecture of our time (in the Ossola Valley there are stone houses with their original granite roofs standing for 1000 years) which is being dismantled to make room for more concrete blocks.

The architects confirmed for the 2019 edition are the award-winning Danish architect Mette Lange, the Danish architect Karsten Gori, winner of the Danish Association of Architects' award 'STORE ARNE' 2019 and the Swedish architect, historian and writer Rasmus Waern.   

The details of the Canova International Architect Encounter,
the protagonists and the program are also on our Facebook page.

The architects at the Encounter

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