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Art and architecture intertwine, stimulating research and debate revolving around the conviction that old stone construction can offer models that are adequate, and even superior, to contemporary standards. Scant sensitivity, concern, appreciation and abandonment are the causes of the continuing loss of our historically important architectural heritage. The intent of the Canova Foundation is to reverse this trend through the recovery, enhancement and advocacy of this unique and inestimable heritage.

Guided visits

Ossola is an extremely rich area from an architectural point of view. There are countless and often unknown hamlets and villages where it is still possible to admire valuable stone construction and terraced slopes.

In order to encourage the re-evaluation, recovery and preservation of this heritage, the Canova Foundation, organizes visits every year to discover these places. In addition, when possible, the Foundation realises (thanks to the fundamental support of local authorities) a publication on the villages visited in order to enrich the literature on traditional architecture.

Recovering the buildings

Traditional architecture is the fruit of centuries of work and know-how, understanding, and expertise. Our duty is therefore to intervene with projects respectful of this heritage, without renouncing contemporary needs and comfort. This is not a utopia, as evidenced by the houses in the village of Canova, all carefully restored through analyses which led to increased knowledge of those architectural elements and construction techniques that cannot be disregarded by anyone working in this sector.
For those interested, the professionals who collaborate with the Foundation are available for advice and consultation.

Since 2001 the Association has organised the “Canova International Architect Encounter”. Over 60 professionals from all over the world have gathered in Ossola to discover and get to know the area. A conference, open to the public, is then held with presentations by the architects covering the issues of recovery, sustainability and the environment. Many world famous figures, such as Glenn Murcutt and the Herzog & De Meuron Studio, have participated in this event over the years.

For an in-depth, more detailed history of the Encounter and the participating architects, please download our free publication.

Events for Members

Every year events are organized for Foundation members - events where art and music share the stage against a backdrop of the local architectural heritage.
For information on how to join the Foundation, click here.

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