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Ghesc project

Ghesc is a village consisting of 7 stone houses across the river from Canova.  First documented in the 13th century, it has been abandoned for about 100 years. Large trees are living within the walls of the houses and the place exudes a fascinating aire of mystery.  23 years ago Ken and Kali Marquardt, who were then involved in the restoration of Canova, just across the river,  dreamed of the day it could be resuscitated but not until a few years ago were the first steps taken by two young active members of Canova, Maurizio Cesprini and Paola Gardin.  They purchased "Casa Alfio", the only house with a stone roof intact, and after a year of restoration which they personally executed, Ghesc has awoken from 100 years of slumber and life has returned! 
Canova Association, thanks to a small grant and donations from friends, purchased a large ruin in the midst of the village. In late 2014 the Association, after receiving sponsorship from la Fondation d'enterprise Herm├Ęs, bought the Casa dell'Affresco so currently the entire inner heart of the village is Canova Association property.  Ghesc is the stage for what we like to call the "Infinite Laboratory", and is the playing field of the International Canova Field School program.  Other friends are entering into the project and as the remaining ruins become available we are slowly acquiring the village with the intention of raising the roofs and re-igniting the old fireplaces to celebrate once again the beauty of this place.

Architect Encounter Quaderni di Ghesc - Download